Good morning members,

I hope that you and your families are well and staying calm and that you have been adhering to the safety measures that have been suggested. Over the past week, we have been contacted by many of you who are seeking advice and direction as to how to proceed with everyday practice. This morning we awake to news that the entire State of California has shut down.

Sadly, it is apparent that we can NOT and must NOT conduct “business as usual.” The Courts , our Mayor and our Governor have all issued mandates as to how we should be conducting, not only our business, but our personal interactions. I urge all of you to please be mindful of these mandates despite the impact on our law practices and our bottom line. I am particularly aware that most of us are solo practitioners or a member of a small law firm and the idea of not running our practice is daunting. I understand that we do not get paid if we are not meeting with clients, conducting settlement negotiations, closing real estate transactions or going to court, however we can not forget that health and safety of ourselves and our families must be paramount. We must collectively work together to protect both ourselves, our clients, our families and each other. Depositions, Client meetings, Last Will and Testament executions and Real estate closings should NOT be conducted and any interpersonal contact must be severely limited or discontinued.

The Governor has issued an executive order ( SEE LINK ATTACHED HEREIN) allowing for notary being done through audio-video technology.

Please seek alternate means of conducting business, such as closings by mail, video/phone conferences and email. Please reach out to each other and come to an agreement as to how you can complete a matter in the best interests of you, your staff, your clients and your families. If you have not already done so, you should make the necessary arrangements to work remotely. Please stay safe.

Please stay safe

Jay S.Duskin,Esq

President of RCBA