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Hon. Matthew A. Sciarrino, Editor in Chief
Louis J. Bara, Esq., Assistant Editor
Remy DeVito, Esq., Assistant Editor
John Vitucci, Esq., Associate Editor
Maria Colonna Emanuel, Esq., Associate Editor
Eve Newman, Esq., Digital Associate Editor
Andrew D. Klapper, Esq., Digital Associate Editor
Elisa Lefkowitz, Executive Secretary
Pete Weinman, Esq., Website Presence

We are looking for an advertising manager and a research manager, and can use help with editing and/or publishing articles in our newsletter.  If interested, please email

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Judge Sciarrino and Pete Weinman have been scanning and uploading these from their own collections and the collections of a few people who have been able and willing to share their back-issues.  It's a daunting task.  If you have copies missing from this collection, please email


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