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Sprint 2018 - President Crawford's Message.

posted Mar 19, 2018, 5:32 AM by Pete Weinman

 Dear Colleagues:

              I am somewhat surprised to find myself composing my last President’s message during my term as President of Richmond County Bar Association.  It has been a busy and productive year for the Association.  As I reflect back on all that has occurred since the beginning of my term, I feel extremely proud of what your Association has accomplished during the past year, which has been full of transition and change. 

             During the past year your Association moved its offices, hired our new administrative assistant Suzanne Vidal, upgraded and updated our communications with our members and welcomed new administration to both our Supreme and Civil Courts. 

             Your Association also worked extremely hard on your behalf this year.  We have been involved in advocating for our members in all of our Courts, making sure that your needs and concerns have been addressed.  Our Judiciary Committee has been active in helping to ensure that only qualified individuals are considered for judicial positions.  We have been involved with assisting our members who work on the 18B panels, in making sure your our concerns were raised in the recent changes in Housing Court and in supporting the New York State Bar on a number of different issues which effect lawyers here and throughout New York State.  There are other efforts too numerous to mention but no less important.  I remind all of you that your Association is here to support you, and as a member you are encouraged to let us know what we can do to address your needs and concerns. 

             One of my goals this year was to do more to bring newly admitted attorneys into our association.  We are fortunate to have our New Lawyers Committee reorganized and running under the leadership of its co-chairs, Jessie Eisenberg and Pamela Schwartz.  I encourage all of you to support this effort and to encourage our newly admitted attorneys to participate.  By doing so, we can ensure that our mission continues into the future and that the benefits and comradery that all of us experience are enjoyed going forward.

             Our CLE programs also continue to provide benefits to our members.  I particularly thank our co-chairs, Kerri Bringslid and Timothy O’Donovan for their efforts in this regard.  In this age of the “on-line” CLE, we sometimes forget the discourse and discussions which make the live lectures so valuable.  I encourage all of you to continue to support these programs. 

             Also, you be will receiving our notice of our annual meeting shortly.  I encourage all of you to attend that meeting and help elect the offices and directors who will guide your Association going forward as well as to participate the various committee reports and other information available therein.       

I further wish to thank the members of the Board of Directors and particularly the Executive Board  - ToniAnn Barone, Jay Duskin, William Barillari, Shelia McGinn and Christopher Caputo.  Without their assistance it would have been impossible for us to have had such a successful year.  Also, to all others whom I have not named personally but have helped in so many ways, thank you as well. 

             Finally, thank you all for the confidence you placed in me.  I have greatly enjoyed and been honored by leading this Association during the past year.  There are many new things in the works for next year, and I know l leave this Association in good hands going forward.