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Fall 2013, President Hall

posted Sep 23, 2013, 5:28 AM by Pete Weinman   [ updated Jun 22, 2015, 7:37 AM by Lou Bara ]
Exciting things are happening this Fall!

Summer is over, vacations are finished, the kids are back in school and businesses of all types  seem to get a burst of additional activity as everyone gets back to full swing.  The practice of law is no different.  There is an undeniable increase in the flurry of activity as one walks through the Court House.  While there is a collective pang of regret as everyone laments another summer having flown by way too quickly, there is also a palpable feeling of renewed energy and vigor. 

I noticed this feeling of renewed energy and vigor being present the other day when I was in the Supreme Court parts at 130 Stuyvesant Place.  I also noticed how terribly inadequate theses Court facilities are for the volume of cases being handled by our Judges.  There were Attorneys standing in the hallway while calendars were being called, straining to hear when their cases were called.  I noticed one elderly attorney in particular who, although he was lucky enough to get into the Courtroom, had to stand through the entire calendar call.  He looked quite fatigued as he left the Courtroom after arguing his motions.  I also noticed a pro se litigant who was unsure about what to do about his case when he saw the crowd of attorneys standing in the doorway trying to hear the calendar call.  He was confused about what was going on and was about to leave when a Court Officer happened to come by and assisted him.  It is a testament to our Judges, Court Personnel and Attorneys, that these inadequate facilities are tolerated day in and day out.

The first exciting thing that is predicted to happen this Fall is the (scheduled) completion of the new Court House.  The most recent official word that I have heard, is that the new Court House is still scheduled to be completed in “late Fall.”  The work certainly seems to be progressing, but knowing the vagaries of construction schedules, I am cautiously optimistic.  Whether it actually happens in the Fall, or later, I am sure we are all looking forward to the day when the new Court House opens.  The new Court House will undoubtedly go a long way to enhancing the efficient administration of justice on Staten Island.  This, of course, benefits everyone - Judges, Court Personnel, Attorneys and our clients.

The second exciting thing that will happen this Fall is that our Bar Association will be having a CLE program at The Palms in Las Vegas!  While our Association regularly conducts excellent CLE programs on Staten Island, this is the first “destination CLE” offered in many, many years.  There has been a strong response so far and I would encourage everyone who can make it to do so.  This “destination CLE” will be a great opportunity to learn, earn some CLE credits, socialize with your colleagues and have lots of fun.  I am looking forward to a great time!  I hope to see you in Vegas!