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2017 Spring - President Caputo.

posted Mar 20, 2017, 11:03 AM by Pete Weinman

President’s Message – 2017 Spring Edition


Dear Colleagues in Law:


I write this final post of my Presidential term with the utmost confidence that my successor President-Elect Allyn Crawford will continue to move our Bar Association forward in a positive manner and will successfully meet any and all challenges that may arise.


During my tenure, I have tried to emphasize the fact that we are a BAR Association and that we should highlight the attorneys, both individually and as a whole, at every opportunity that arises.  In that regard, I would like to highlight several of our members who deserve our recognition.


Members of the Grievance Committee - Claire Cody Miller and Victor Carasaniti are the long-standing co-chairs of the committee of which Richard Corash serves as Chairman Emeritus.  Along with the twelve other committee members, this group works tirelessly to fully investigate the truth of all alleged claims made against the attorneys of Richmond County.  Their work is performed with the utmost discreetness and professionalism and all practitioners in our county owe them a debt of gratitude.


William J. Frew, Jr. – Bill’s recognition is overdue as he retired awhile ago from his long tenure as Chair of the Judiciary Committee.  Under his stewardship, the reputation of this important committee was elevated throughout the City of New York as was the reputation of our association as a whole.


Harold J. Siegel – Harold was also an important member of and contributor to the Judiciary Committee for more years than I can personally remember.  The association is grateful for all of the time that he volunteered to ensure that our county was served by the best judicial candidates.


Paul F. Scano – Paul served as Chair of the Lawyers Assistance Committee for a countless number of years, serving as the liaison for those among us who needed a helping hand.  This is truly a calling and our Association was fortunate to have had such a steady and caring hand to reach out to.


Ronald Castorina, Jr. – Ron served this Association loyally as a Director and Chair of several committees.  In April 2016, while serving his latest term, he was elected to the New York State Assembly in a special election.  He is the first Director of the RCBA to be elected to public office.  As his new position brings with it increased time constraints and responsibilities, Kathleen Garrigan has been appointed to complete his term.  However, Ron remains a valued advisor to the Board, a respected ambassador for our Association and is recognized on our letterhead for his achievement.


As you can see, our Association is blessed to have individuals like those recognized above.  By no means is this a closed list as the Association continues each day to be the recipient of wonderful work, contributions and advice by so many of our members.  All on a volunteer basis and the majority without any public recognition.  On behalf of the Association, I sincerely thank you all.


On February 27th, the Board hosted President Clare Gutenkast of the New York State Bar Association and her President-Elect Sharon Stern Gerstman.  We were joined by our invited guests, our Past Presidents and our local judiciary.  To have the State Bar President, a group of 75,000 members, take time out of her very busy schedule to visit our local bar association for a discussion is a direct result of the work of our Association representatives at the state bar level.  They have raised our profile tremendously on a state wide level and our Association is better for it.


Our Night of Nostalgia was held on March 9th at the Staaten.  For the first time, the event was opened up to the entire membership and it resulted in a large, and quite lively, turnout.  Receiving “surprise” honors that night were Lannie Fastman, long time event organizer Joseph O’Shea and Past President James Dollard.  I encourage all members to attend this truly enjoyable evening of laughs.  And if you were unable to attend, I encourage you to go to our website to view one of the mini-videos created, directed and produced by Director Anthony Mascolo.


We have held two sessions to date as we make progress toward completion of the first photo member compilation since 2004.  We have heard the concerns of some members who were unable to attend the first two and will do our best to accommodate those who haven’t been photographed to date with a more convenient time and place.


Thank you for the opportunity in allowing me to serve as your President this past year.  It has been an honor to not only lead this membership, but simply to be associated with the Officers and Directors who have served with me.  Their job performance, professionalism and proficiency made my job that much easier.  In other words, they made me look good at every event and I’ll be forever grateful.




Christopher Caputo

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