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2015 Summer - President Marotta

posted Aug 6, 2015, 6:06 AM by Pete Weinman   [ updated Aug 6, 2015, 6:09 AM ]

Dear friends

I am honored to serve as the 62nd president of the Richmond County Bar Association. In addition to the delayed opening of the new courthouse, we have many challenges  that  face  our  great  organization. I pledge to serve as your advocate for the next year to take whatever steps that  I  can  to  protect  lawyers,  safeguard our members, and build upon the some 100 years of tradition

that we enjoy here at RCBA. I can assure you that I have no reservations whatsoever in asking hard questions and addressing difficult issues, whether they are in Albany, on Beaver Street or here in our backyard. We will continue to monitor proposed insurance regulation 208 and  other  coming  changes  in  the  real  estate  industry,  always wary of how lawyers may be adversely affected, and what we can do to protect against imprudent incursions on our profession. We  will  also  continue  to  monitor  the  implementation  of  the Uniform Bar Exam, and the New York online course portion. New York has long been the gold standard for attorney competency, and we have a responsibility to ensure that our profession is not cheapened in any way. The  unauthorized practice of law has been rampant throughout this borough as well as throughout the City and State of New York. As a Bar Association, and as a profession, we need to step up and do more to protect lawyers and to protect the public. Board member Ron Castorina has agreed to accept the responsibility of this challenge, and will chair our Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law. Ron needs committee members who  are  in  tune  with  this  serious  issue, and able to take action on our behalf. If you  have  reports  of  paralegals,  process servers  or  others  preparing  legal  documents,  appearing  in  court  or  otherwise performing  legal  services,  I  beg  you  to contact Ron or myself immediately with any particulars that you can gather. We promise to act upon them swiftly and severely. I’ve also asked another board member, Orin Cohen, to revitalize our Membership Benefits Committee. Orin has agreed to do what he can to secure and solidify the panoply of benefits that you as members currently enjoy, and expand upon opportunities  and  partnerships  with  hotels,  restaurants,  car  rentals, insurance  and  software  producers  that  other  bar  associations enjoy. We also ask that if you or another attorney member are interested in participating, that you contact Orin or myself immediately. Our Annual Golf [and Tennis] Outing is scheduled for October 1, 2015at the RCCC. Please mark your calendars and plan to take  the  day  to  enjoy  the  surprises  we  have  planned  for  this premier event. Also, I ask that you take a moment to visit the new and improved website at www.thercba.com which has a tremendous amount of resources attached to it as well as a listing of upcoming events. Being a lawyer is no easy calling, especially while we linger in a  less  than  dynamic  economic  climate.  Technology  demands that  we  change  how  we  run  our  offices  and  conduct  our  everyday business. This Bar Association will band together with others, to push to make sure that the integrity of our profession is preserved, respected and nurtured. In the interim, I hope you enjoy the summer months, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any issue that you may have, to talk, or to just offer to lend a hand. 

Best Regards,

Daniel C. Marotta, Esq.

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