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Vincent J. Gallo, Esq., "But my Lender said that they do not require a survey..."

posted Jul 13, 2015, 5:24 AM by Pete Weinman
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A survey is a drawing created by a Licensed Surveyor which is intended to depict a parcel of land, its measurements, its lot lines, the size of the parcel(s), its courses and distances, its location on a map, the physical findings thereon concerning the real property, its marked boundaries, its relationship to adjoining parcels of land, its boundary lines of possession as depicted in a proper metes and bounds description of the property, as well as all physical improvements and alterations made to the property and their locations thereon. It is intended to depict the property as described in the Deed. It is further intended to depict thereon the existence of encroachments, easements, variations, and other related irregularities either on the subject premises or from adjoining parcels. Mind you, a new survey will depict thereon what exists on the premises as of the date of its creation, thereby bearing no relationship to the legality, or illegality, of improvements or changes made to the premises prior thereto.  Remember, it is a drawing, a depiction, of the premises as of a particular date.

So the Lender has good news for the prospective Purchaser, which is “we do not require a survey in order to close”. Good news? Not quite.

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