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To All NYC Employers with 4 or more employees - ALERT:

posted Feb 6, 2014, 8:11 AM by Pete Weinman


Effective Immediately


To All New York City Employers with four or more persons in his or her employment:


Under New York City Local Law 78 of the Laws of 2013 all employers in the City of New York having four or more employees (including independent contractors who carry out work in furtherance of the employer’s business) must provide reasonable accommodations to the needs of an employee for her pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition. Reasonable accommodation is defined in the legislation and the burden of proving undue hardship in not providing reasonable accommodation shall be on the employer.


All such employers must also provide written notice of the right to be free from discrimination in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions to: (1) All new employees at commencement of employment and (2) To all existing employees. (Yes the law does not differentiate between employees- it says all).  


The notice may also be conspicuously posted at an employer’s place of business in an area accessible to employees.


A copy of the written notice is available for download on the NYC Commission on Human Rights website: 



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