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Secure filings no longer permitted in NYSCEF.

posted Apr 23, 2013, 5:38 AM by Pete Weinman
Dear NYSCEF User:

        Section 202.5-b(d)(3)(iii), regarding documents filed as secure in NYSCEF, was recently  repealed by the Administrative Board of the Courts following a 60-day public comment period. Pursuant to Administrative Order, documents may no longer be e-filed in secure status in NYSCEF.

        It is the sole responsibility of counsel and the parties to be aware of and to comply with existing laws requiring non-disclosure of confidential personal information contained in any document e-filed in NYSCEF. For example, General Business Law ? 399-ddd(6) and Public Officers Law ? 96-a address the confidentiality of social security account numbers.

        Documents previously e-filed as secure in NYSCEF will continue to retain their secure status unless otherwise directed by the court.  Online access to those documents will remain  restricted to counsel of record and self-represented parties in the case, but public inspection of the documents will be available on computer terminals at the courthouse or County Clerk?s Office.

The Administrative Order is posted on the NYSCEF website on the Rules and Legislation page.

For questions about the content of this email or other information about E-Filing, please contact the NYSCEF Resource Center at (646) 386-3033 or Efile@nycourts.gov