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Meet Judge McMahon's new Principal Law Clerk, Kevin R. Dowling.

posted Mar 12, 2014, 11:59 AM by Pete Weinman   [ updated Mar 12, 2014, 12:09 PM ]
Kevin received  his  undergraduate  degree  in  Finance from  the University of Scranton.  After graduation, Kevin worked at The Value Line,  as  a stock  analyst  covering small  and mid­cap stocks.  He next worked  as  a  statistician  at  American  Banker,  a  daily  newspaper dedicated to the U.S. banking industry. 

Starting  in  1998,  Kevin  worked  at  Morgan  Stanley  as  a financial  analyst  covering  mutual  funds  for  several  years,  later switching to covering institutional accounts. 

Kevin  left  Morgan  Stanley  to  attend  Fordham  University School of Law.  After graduating from Fordham, Kevin worked at the Manhattan  law  firm  of  Thacher,  Proffitt,  &  Wood,  specializing  in mortgage loan structured finance.  

Kevin’s  public  service  career  began  at  the  New  York  City  Campaign Finance Board, where he worked as a Compliance Analyst during  the  2009  city­wide  elections,  investigating  violations  of Campaign Finance and Election law.  

Kevin started working for the Courts as a Chamber Volunteer Attorney  to  the  Honorable  Justice  Eileen  A.  Rakower  and  the Honorable Justice Manuel J. Mendez in Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New  York  County.  Thereafter,  Kevin  joined  Judge  Mendez’s Chambers as a Court Attorney.

In February 2014, Kevin became the Principal Law Clerk to the Honorable Justice Judith  N.  McMahon,  Administrative  Judge  of  the Thirteenth Judicial District. 

Kevin has been married for three years to his wife Alison,  an attorney  for  the  New  York  City  Fire  Department.    They have  a daughter, Arden.