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Ipad/Iphone Apps for Lawyers

posted Nov 10, 2011, 10:26 AM by Pete Weinman   [ updated May 13, 2015, 12:45 PM by Lou Bara ]
Web Edition

By Hon. Matthew A. Sciarrino, Jr.

© Matthew A. Sciarrino,Jr., 2011

Version 4.720

Update: Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Following is the Web Edition of my “highly popular” article in the Spring 2011 Edition of the RCBA Journal.  I hope to update and revise this web edition as time goes on. As in the article, I hope you find the apps and stories useful.  If you know of other useful apps please send them along to me.  I plan to update this list for all of your use. Just send to my email or send to me on Facebook. Feel free to include a brief description of the app and how you use it.


Keep in mind prices do change, so feel free to email me with any changes/mistakes you find.  And as in all things, Free is not always free as there may be paid elements or subscriptions.



-         Statutes Caselaw & Legal News 

-         Great Reference Tools 

-         Note Taking 

-         Jurors 

-         Medical Testimony 

-         Useful Applications 

-         For the News Junkies 

-         Real Estate 

-         Escape (Travel) 

-         Just Damn Fun   

-         Other Legal Tablet Blogs 


Statutes, Caselaw & Legal News


Fastcase  (Free)

FastCase gives you free access to primary law from all 50 states and federal courts.  You get cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions. Since it does not download the content onto your iPad you must be in a Wifi spot or have the 3G Ipad. 

Law Box – Legal Reference and Search (Free)

LawBox is an app that is trying to combine the advantage of FastCase – all your legal references in one app – with the advantage of downloading actual content into your iPad. The app is free, with some Code packages already included. It is still a work in progress as features and packages are being added.  Available at present time are the 2011 statutes of California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Florida, or Delaware


Stanza (Free, but…)

By: Micky Bee Software

If you first download the Digital Reader app Stanza you also have some great options. Stanza Reader reads text files (such as the free e-books from Project Gutenberg.) It uses text-to-speech with the Alex voice while simultaneously scrolling the text on the screen with a high contrast large font. This is an open source project that is easily customizable.  I am also sure that many of you use theLooseleaf editions of statutes.  Well with Stanza you can have those publications on your iphone/ipad.

Available are:


·   New York Civil Practice Law and Rules (800KB), 2010/2011 Edition - $5.95 

·   New York Criminal Procedure Law (700KB), 2010/2011 Edition - $5.95 

·   New York Family Law (1.4MB) (DRL, FCA, URFC, SSL), 2010/2011 Edition - $5.95 

·   New York Penal Law (800KB), 2010/2011 Edition - $5.95 

·   New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (1.2MB), 2010/2011 Edition - $5.95 

·   New Jersey Criminal Code (1.5MB), 2011 Edition - $5.95 

·   New Jersey Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws (1.5MB), 2011 Edition - $5.95 

·   Connecticut Red/Blue Books (600KB), 2010/2011 Edition - $6.95


Laws of New York (NY Law) ($29.99) By Tekk Innovations LLC

The New York Consolidated Laws in your pocket. We've optimized it for lightning fast browsing and searching. Leave the heavy books at home. You should buy this app now.


NY Civil Practice Law and Rules 2011 - New York CPLR ($9.99) By PDA Wizard

View More By This Developer (including the Administrative Code and other NY/CA/ and other State Laws)

The full text of the Civil Practice Laws & Rules, featuring section number search and ability to search within search results to narrow down matches 

Mobile Phone App - NY Temporary Maintenance & Support Calculator Calculates New York child support and temporary maintenance on the go.  In one easy to use app, you get calculators for Alimony Buyout or Present Value, Alimony Recapture and state specific (NJ and NY) child/spousal support computations.

• iPhone – Install now or search “easysoft” in your Apple App Store.

• iPAD – Install now or search “easysoft” in your Apple App Store.


WestlawNext iPad™ App (Need Subscription from  West)

Run searches with WestSearch and filter the results; Add notes and highlighting to documents; Access research history, favorites, and frequently used content; Browse content and Organize folders.  It is very easy to navigate and the cases are presented in a very readable format.  Excellent app.


Get Cases Iphone App (Free, but need Lexis/Nexis Account for Some of the Services, i.e. to sheperdize)

Quickly retrieve cases from Lexis® and be confident they are still good law, right from your iPhone®! Get on-the-go access to our quality, editorially enhanced case law collection and the premier citation service – Shepard’s®

-         a LexisNexis® exclusive.


Legal New (Free) by Lexis
RSS News Feeds of interest to the legal community. the LexisNexis Legal News app blends some of the best legal news, video, blog and twitter sources into a continuously updating content feed for users of the Apple® iPhone® and the iPad™.


            LawStack (Free)

US Constitution, and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Evidence.


Litigator. Litigator is an easy-to-use, all-in-one reference for the working litigator. Whether in court, on the road, or at your desk, have the Federal Rules of Appellate, Civil, and Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Supreme Court Rules of Procedure, Title 18, Title 28, and Local Rules at your fingertips in a single searchable application. ($14.99, plus $4.99 per state, but sadly NY is not yet available).


ABA Journal for iPhone/iPad (Free) by American Bar Association

Legal News and stories.  A great app.  Easy to read and nice format.


The American Lawyer App (Free)

The monthly magazine is now accessible through an Ipad app



Great Reference Tools


Google Translate (Free)

One of the most amazing apps ever (and one of the reasons I love Google)!!!  Translate from one language to another by typing or speaking words and phrases with this amazing free app. By typing the words, you can translate between 57 different languages. You can translate 15 languages by speaking the words. And if you want the translation spoken aloud, you can do that with 23 different languages. This is an app everyone should own. And knowing google, this app will only get better.


IBooks by Apple (Free)

iBooks lets you turn your iPhone into an eBook reader. You will feel right at home in the app as it is one by Apple. The app has a great interface and continues to be updated. The store is not quite as vast as the Kindle one, but still a great place to pick up books. And it let’s you keep a PDF library of any documents you want.  Very useful!!


Word Lens ($9.99 per language)

Truly Amazing!!!!  Only works with iPad2 or iPhone as the camera is needed.  You hold the iPad over a document in another language and you view that document in English.  If this isn’t straight out of Sci-Fi, I doon’t know what is.


Black’s Law Dictionary (9th Edition) By West, ($54.99) Although Black’s isn’t the only legal dictionary available in the App Store, it is, by far, the BEST. However, it’s not cheap.  Value, however is another thing.  It puts 45,000 terms at your disposal, ability to bookmark, internal hyper-linking between words referenced within definitions, utilization of West’s key number system and spelling and audio pronunciations for over 7,000 terms (and much lighter than the original).


NOLO’s Plain English Legal Dictionarry. (Free)

Edited by a team of lawyers with expertise in all the vital areas of the law, Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary contains nearly 4,000 legal terms defined in everyday, understandable language. You’ll find both the legal standards—Latin terms, courtroom jargon, contract basics—and newly minted terms that reflect the ever changing language of the law today. What does it mean to get “dooced”? Do you need that “pre-dup”? Had a run-in with a “patent troll” lately? Nolo is committed to finding and defining the latest twists in legal language that have entered our daily conversations—important words not found in other legal dictionaries. Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary is both authoritative and friendly, but it is not your grandfather’s law dictionary.


BookYap (Free)

The iPad interface is great looking. Plentiful reviews are available to help you pick out your next book. Then you can even press a button to purchase the book through Amazon.  There is an iPhone edition as well.


Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus – iPad (Free)

Dictionary.com is a wonderful online dictionary. The app contains the content from both Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. No internet connection is required to use the app. The only time an internet connection is required is when you want to view the word of the day, hear audio pronunciation or similarly spelled words. The app contains around 1,000,000 words and definitions with more than 90,000 synonyms and antonyms. The app includes example sentences, non-standard uses, word origin and history, and the ability to shake your iPad for a random word.


Note Taking


Audiotorium Notes - ($4.99)

Audiotorium Notes, though not specifically for attorneys, has a lot of potential to be very helpful. It has Text Expander integration, which allows you to enter frequently used phrases, etc. with just a few keystrokes. It also offers Dropbox integration, so your notes can be backed up to the cloud. Your notes are organized by Category and Subject, so you can easily find which note you need. And if that’s not enough, it also allows you to record hours of audio, with each note.


Evernote (Free)

Free note taking on the iPhone that can rival any paid version. Take notes on the go, and sync them wirelessly and automatically with your other iDevices and your computer. Text, voice, and image notes included.   Great and useful program, and you cannot beat the price.


Noteshelf ($4.99)


Noteshelf let’s anyone take effective and organized notes straight from their iPad. Download this writing utility today and begin taking digital notes while having this app’s comprehensive note template library, editing, customization, and organizational options at your fingertips.

Noteshelf utilizes optimized handwriting functions to enable users to quickly and easily input notes within the app by hand without worry. An innovative ‘zoom’ writing mode allows users to use their finger to quickly write by hand in large print, which is then minimized to it original size on the app’s virtual notepad. Stroke smoothening technology ensures that no matter how hastily users write, notes will always stay legible. Noteshelf also includes a unique ‘wrist protection’ feature that ensures writers do not strain their hands while taking notes by allowing them to rest their wrist on the iPad’s writing surface while they write without creating unwanted graphic marks.

Penultimate ($0.99)

Penultimate is a different kind of notebook app. The app is designed around using a stylus or finger to write or draw on very realistic looking notebooks. You can have as many “notebooks” as you want. You can send any notebook off in an email as a PDF document. The app currently has different color inks and you can also choose between a thin, medium, or thick styled pen. You may also choose between graph paper, lined paper, or plain paper. The app is very easy to use and may become your primary notebook app for the iPad.


Note Taker HD ($4.99)

Note Taker HD is very similar to Penultimate. The app is designed around using your own handwriting on the iPad screen. However, it has a very cool feature! It will actually reduce your handwriting to a more “normal” size. One of the challenges of using handwriting based input on the iPad is that often it is hard to write small. An iPad screen can be quickly filled up by the large handwriting required of the device. This automatic resizes your handwriting to make it fit on the page better. The app fully supports video output for sharing your notes in a presentation. The app also supports AirPrint and sharing into other apps such as Evernote. If you are looking for an alternative to Penultimate this is a great one to get. You can also load business forms and templates into Note Taker as background “images” then fill them in, save it, and email to the office for printing.


     iAnnotate ($9.99) turns your iPad into a world-class productivity tool for reading, annotating, organizing , and sending PDF files. Customizable tools and toolbars allow you to pick and choose only the tools that you need, and display them where you want on screen. Whether you’re taking notes on lecture slides in class or marking up an important business document, iAnnotate’s customization options allow you to streamline your workflow.


WritePad for iPad ($9.99)

Any former owners of the Apple Newton out there (a product years ahead of it’s time that never really took off)?  If so WritePad is for you. The app is designed around the concept that we want to turn our handwritten notes into typed text. The text recognition is quite good, and on par with the late Newton OS. The app fully supports fast app switching and AirPrint functionality. The app allows you to use a keyboard to enter text as well. The app takes time to learn and there are many different gestures and marks that you can use to speed up the navigation and use of this app. The app is one of the best choices available for those that want to take their handwriting and turn it into typed text on the iPad.


Pages By Apple Inc. ($9.99)Apple's own Pages is the essential word processing app. This will be quite familiar to Mac users who are using Pages on their computers. For PC users, this is like Microsoft Word. If you're going to be using your iPad to write, you'll want Pages.  With Pages you can create and share documents, including beautiful Apple-designed templates, easy-to-use formatting options, and advanced layout tools. Start with the perfect template, create your document from scratch or import a Pages ’09, Microsoft Word or text file. Share your work in Pages ’09, Microsoft Word, or PDF format and send it via Mail. Or, publish to iWork.com public beta.


Dragon Dictation  (Free)

As you can see from above, some consider typing to be a challenge on the iPad. Dragon Dictation is here to help you. The app follows all of the standard dictation input methods. This means that you can speak “period,” and it will enter a period. It may be worth your time to learn all of the different key words that can be used in this app. The text can be copied to your clipboard or emailed straight out of the app. Dragon Dictation is completely free and a wonderful addition to any iPad.




iJuror ($9.99)iJuror is a great app for jury selection. You just click on a “chair”, “scroll” to select details about the juror; type in their name; workplace; hometown; and you can even add notes. Save your changes and an avatar replaces the chair image. If you’re in a hurry, it even gives a “Quick Enter” option for entering gender, ethnicity, and name, only. It also gives you the ability to notate Peremptory dismissals and dismissals for Cause.

Jury Tracker ($9.99)

If you want more details and ability to take notes about jurors even keeping notes tied to a specific juror and having those observations and notes time-stamped this is your app.  You can even track the amount of time used by both sides of the case. JuryTracker has the potential to greatly improve your understanding of what the jury understands and believes.


You can see these apps in action on YouTube (and many other apps as well).  Just go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDvcrzTSMH4&feature=youtube_gdata_player or search for iJuror in YouTube.



Medical Testimony

MedAbbreviations: Medical Abbreviations Reference  ($0.99)

If you deal with medical records this app is a must have. The app contains over 13,000 abbreviations used by doctors and other medical professionals. The app is universal so it will run on both your iPad and your iPhone.


iMeds XL - The Medication Reference ($3.99)

Those that need a great reference for medicine will want to have this app on their iPad. The app contains over 7,300 FDA approved medications. All medications contain full prescribing info. The app has info about dosage, usage, black box warnings, contraindications, adverse reactions, info for patients, supplemental patient material, overdosage, precautions, highlights, clinical studies, and much more. You can search for drugs by drug name, active ingredient, manufacturer, form or drug class. You can also bookmark the drugs you want to find quickly and email all the info out of the app for use on your iPhone. The app is all self contained, so this can be done without an internet connection. The app is a great tool for pharmacists or those that need to deal with medicine regularly.


Useful Applications


AppStart by Appadvice.com (Free on Special Occasions, like launches of new devices otherwise usually $1.99)

The first app to download on your iPad & iPad 2: An app starter kit with all the essential apps you'll ever need.  It is an amazing app!!!  It is very easy to use and will help you find the best apps for whatever you need.


mPrompt ($1.99)

mPrompt is the perfect "teleprompter" style note reader for the iPad. Why not take advantage of the large screen of your iPad and it's portability to give your presentation or speeches? mPrompt is easy to use and offers an editor in app, or you can download previously prepared speeches from a url. Fully customizable font sizes and speed of text flow make mPrompt a great tool for delivering memorable speeches.


GoodReader ($4.99)#1 selling non-Apple app for iPad in 2010 This app provides directory structure and organizational tools. You can duplicate the conventional file cabinet hierarchy of folders and subfolders. The app makes it easy to read, annotate, and organize documents in virtually any format (very good PDF reader). Those documents can also easily be e-mailed to others for review and comment. Another popular and similar app is ReaddleDocswhich also sells for $4.99.


iCLE ($4.99)

iCLE helps you keep track of courses taken and how many credits earned. You can even filter by date. And, you can track the courses taken by as many attorneys as you would like to add. Also, just click on the “iTunes U CLE” button and you get a list of subjects; click on one of the subjects and iTunes will pop up with a list of available free podcasts for that area of study. Now how convenient is that!?!


Skyfire Web Browser for iPad ($4.99)

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad allows you to playback Flash videos right on your iPad. It does this by doing on the spot re-encoding of Flash to H.264. If you are someone that wants to play Flash videos on your iPad, then this is a great way to do that.


Dropbox (Free)

Dropbox is a pretty remarkable service and app. The service lets you get files instantly available to you on any computer or device you go to. Dropbox is setup on your Mac or Windows machine. On the computer you designate a certain folder that will always be synced up with Dropbox. You simply put a file in your folder and it is instantly available to you on the web or any iOS device. Many apps also integrate with Dropbox.  The app allows you to download your favorite files to your iPad or to open your files in other apps and send an email with a link to download it.


TrialPad ($89.99 – yes a bit pricey)

This program works with Dropbox to allow you to Organize all your exhibits in Dropbox on your computer, then easily import multiple files at once into TrialPad with your folder and file structure intact.  It turns your iPad into your Trial Notebook.

Air Display ($9.99)

You can make your iPad act as a second monitor for your main computer. With the Air Display app, you can wirelessly extend your desktop onto an iPad, giving you extra workspace, complete with a useful touchscreen. Just install the app, download the Air Display software onto your computer, click on the Air Display icon on your main computer screen and select your iPad as the second monitor. You can use the same icon to disconnect. The app works in both portrait and landscape mode and, as long as your computer and iPad are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can drag an open document onto your iPad and take the tablet away from your computer - to a comfortable chair, for instance - to read it.


Exhibit A ($9.99)

Exhibit A is a powerful tool for organizing and presenting information in the courtroom.  You can import documents using iTunes, WiFi, FTP, email or Dropbox. Currently supported file types include images (JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG), documents (PDFs), and movies (all formats supported on the iPad).

For the News Junkies


USA TODAY for iPad (Free)

USA Today for the iPad brings all of the latest stories to your iPad. The app also features the “day in pictures.” The feature lets you get an idea of what happened today visually. The app is also a great tool for quickly checking the weather. The app has three specialized sections: money, sports, and life. The app is a wonderful way to stay up to date with the latest news.


ABC News for Ipad (Free)

In this app the main page is a big rotating globe. You are able to spin the globe and pick out the story that you want to read or watch. You can share stories through Facebook, Twitter, or email. Once you are in a story you can also see the rest of the stories in a more “traditional” layout by hitting the button next to the globe icon. These include videos, slideshows, Good Morning America, top stories, World News, 20/20, Nightline, This Week with Christiane Amanpour, and This Day in History. The videos provide a great way to watch video segments. Great way to get caught up on the latest bit of news.


FOX Business for iPad (Free)

Fox Business is an app to access just the news around business. The main screen will display the stock market visually, the main stories, and their recently aired video segments. There are also tabs on the bottom to access video, news, my money, and channel finder. The videos tab provides access to most of their previously aired segments. The news tab provides a way to get caught up on the latest news, market news, personal finance news, and small business news. My money is a way to actually watch stocks and see how they do within the app. Channel finder will show you the different stations in your area where you can watch Fox Business. The app is well done and provides a great way to keep current on the news in the business world.


BBC News (Free)

One of the few sole source apps that doesn’t try to hide features behind a pay portal, BBC News features a great layout, taking full advantage of the iPad’s screen space. In addition, BBC News allows users to listen to a live stream of their radio station while browsing the news, a feature that will become infinitely more useful when the iPad eventually gets multitasking later this year.


Bloomberg for iPad (Free)

The app contains stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends analysis and much more. The app is a perfect resource for financial professionals and investors.  Great way to track your “valuable” stocks.


AP news on the iPad (Free)

AP news on the iPad is a great way to get news from the Associated Press. The app is laid out like a table with stories spread across it. The interface is very innovative and friendly to use. The app also displays your local weather and you can share stories out of it through Twitter, Facebook, or email. The app contains news from these sections: Top News, Sports, Showbiz, U.S. News, Small Business, World, Wacky, Technology, and Business. The wacky section is a fun place to go to get a laugh on what is happening today. The app also features local stories. Stories can also be saved to your iPad for reading offline. The app deserves a spot in your news apps due to its wonderful content and user interface.


NY Post (Free Trial/Subscriptions After) or NY Daily News (Free Trial/Subscriptions After)

The NY Post format on the iPad is clearly superior to the Daily News in readability.  The Daily News does have a harder to read full scanned in version to the paper in addition to its very web-like format.


60 Minutes for iPad ($4.99)

60 Minutes is a wonderful app to catch the latest 60 Minutes broadcast. The app features the current episode segments in full video and text format. The app can also take you back in time to previous episodes. You are able to search through the archives or browse based on the subject. The app also features all of the web content from 60 Minutes Overtime. The app also lets you browse content based on the correspondent. The app has set the standard for what other television shows should offer for the iPad.


The Washington Post for iPad (Free)

The Washington Post provides access to all of the publication’s content. The various sections include: Politics, Opinions, Local, Sports, National, World, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Multimedia, and Top News. Local in this case means news local to Washington D.C. You can skip through the various sections by flicking left or right. Flicking up and down will let you view all of the stories each segment has to offer. The app is completely free right now for a limited time. Even though the app is free, a free account is required to view the full articles. The app is a great way to get access to the Washington Post on your iPad.


NYTimes for iPad (Free, somewhat, but as you would expect from the Times, it’s a bit more complicated depending on amount accessed)

Print subscribers to The New York Times can get a free All Digital Access subscription. This package features unlimited access to NYTimes.com on any device, plus the full range of NYTimes apps for your smartphone (BlackBerry, iPhone and Android-powered smartphones), tablet (iPad) and your computer (Times Reader).


Visit http://www.nytimes.com/content/help/mobile/ipad/ipad.html for even more information.


The Daily (Free Trial – then subscription rate)

You'll probably want to check out this highly touted and yet controversial news app. Some insist it is the "next big thing", the app that sounds the death knell for print journalism while others simply don't get the fuss. Try it out for yourself while you can get get a free trial; it probably won't last long. After that, it's $.99 per week or $39.99 per year. It certainly is an attractive app, with multi-media stories including videos and clickable photos and other links. The Daily is divided into sections: News, Gossip, Opinion, Arts&Life, Apps&Games, and Sports. It's like a cross between a glossy news magazine and daily newspaper, complete with sudoku, crossword puzzles, horoscope, and weather. It really is quite nice, but with plenty of other completely free options, it may not last beyond the trial period on your iPad.


Staten Island Advance (SiLive.com) Iphone App (Free)

Designed for the iPhone, but also usable on the Ipad the app brings the content to your device in an easy to use, easy to read format. 

Reeder for iPad ($4.99)

The best Google Reader RSS app on the iPad, period. It is simple, clean, intuitive, and yet quite unlike any other Google Reader app you've seen. Offering a multitude of ways to browse feeds, tons of management tools, image caching, and a variety of methods to share your news with others, Reeder is a must for anyone that has already built a robust Google Reader account.

The Early Edition ($4.99)

“Traditional” newspaper layout by providing all your favorite RSS feeds in a newspaper-style format. Early Edition does a great job of emulating a newspaper on your iPad.


Real Estate


Trulia (Free)

Trulia’s App will show you nearby homes for sale or apartments for rent, help plan an afternoon of open houses, find a local real estate professional, or check out local listing prices while on the go.




View photo galleries of homes on iPad's large, eye-popping 10-inch touch screen where your fingertips tap, swipe, pinch, and drag to see “Zestimate” home values, homes for sale, homes for rent, and more.


G-Spot for iPad  (Free – Requires 3G for most of features – there is an iPhone version as well)

GPS Heading, Speed, and Position Sharing Application. Shows you what direction you are currently heading and facing. Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Heading, Speed, Accuracy, Date and Time of the most recent location update.  Has great Maps and you can instantly email your current location. The email contains a link that when clicked, shows your exact location on Google Maps. Friends can pull your exact location right up and get directions.



& For Those of you that need a true escape…..


FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata ($9.99)

FlightTrack Pro is the essential reference tool for traveling. The app will automatically sync itineraries with TripIt.com. The app lets you add in your own notes for your flights. The app contains maps that include live flight tracking information. The app is a big win for seeing when your plane will arrive. The app includes real time status for gates, delays, and cancellations. The app includes more than 4,000 airports. One great feature is the ability to find an alternate flight. The app is a great reference and information tool for those in need of flight information.


1000 Ultimate Experiences ($4.99)

If you want an app that inspires you to take trips this is the app for you. This app features 1,000 different places to visit. The app is loaded with beautiful images to inspire you to take a vacation and explore the world. The app is a great one for those short on ideas for their next trip.


& Just Damn Fun 


Flipboard (Free)

Truly one of my favorite apps.  It was Apple's iPad App of the Year in 2010 and one of TIME's top 50 innovations of 2010, Flipboard is an amazingly fast and beautiful way to flip through the news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr and Instagram.  It turns all of your feeds into a magazine layout.  It is easy  and fun to read.  Share articles and photos, comment on posts, and like or favorite anything. Customize your Flipboard with sections created from your favorite news, people, blogs and topics. “It's your magazine. It's your Flipboard.”


Life (Free)

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved the photography of Life magazine.  This app brings you the best of that day’ photos from the amazing Life photographers.


Qwiki (Free)

Truly amazing!!!  The way it “reads” to you is straight out of Sci-Fi.  Explore 3,000,000 topics - learn about what's near you, across the world - and everything in between. Labeled "a seed that will blossom into an Internet wonder" by the NY Times, Qwiki combines thousands of sources to present concise, interactive summaries of millions of people, places and things in an experience optimized for the iPad.


Friendly Plus for Facebook ($.99)

Until Facebook comes out with an iPad app (they do have a proprietary iPhone app) this is the best of the third party apps.


I will leave it to you to find your own favorite games, but a few of mine are Physics 101 HDRise of AtlantisBrickshooter Egypt HDFruit Ninja HDAtari Greatest HitsChess HD LiteWe Rule, and Angry Birds, both Rio and Seasons Edition. 


If I find any new ones, I’ll be sure to post them on a social network site or two as well as in further updates to this article.  Don’t forget to send me your favorites.


And in the meantime you can check out some blogs on the use of the iPad for the legal profession, including:

TabletLegal by Josh Barrett,

TechnoEsq by Finis Price,

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