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posted Jul 10, 2012, 6:50 AM by Pete Weinman
In the tradition of a great article written a number of years ago by my colleague Hon. Wayne Ozzi about careers of members of our bar had before/during law school (Summer 2005 @ pg 8 if you have never read it - as all issues of last 10 years are now online at www.theRCBA.com); I would like to do an article on the varied hobbies of the members of our association.  Model Trains? (that's you JD), Wine Making? (MG/RC), Scrap Book Making?, photography? (AG) Author?, Baking? Candlestick making?.  Great Chef? Golf? a passion and season ticket holder for the Jets/Nets/Knicks/Yankees/Rangers/etc????
Please send me a short paragraph about your passion(s) outside of work.  If you can include a picture of you enjoying your hobby, or the "fruits" of your hobby (maybe jam making or pie eating?)
The Article will either be published in the Fall (Digital) or Winter (Print) depending on the amount of submissions.
Very Truly Yours,
Matthew Sciarrino