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posted Jan 8, 2015, 11:17 AM by Pete Weinman


About Us

We are a busy business and franchise law firm located in Staten Island, New York 

seeking an associate attorney with 2 - 4 years litigation experience for our commercial 

litigation team.  Our litigation practice is limited to commercial matters such as 

partnership disputes, franchise violations and intellectual property disputes filed in New 

York, New Jersey and Federal Courts.   Our litigation team is a tightknit group of friendly 

and caring people who work hard, love what they do, love where they work and the 

people they work with.   If you’d like to learn more about us and what we do, look us up 


About You

We are looking for the next long-term member to our litigation team.  This position is 

ideal for a New York licensed (and, preferable, New Jersey licensed) attorney with 2-4 

years litigation experience who is looking to expand his/her knowledge of commercial 

litigation and who is looking to get real-world experience in handling commercial cases 

from pre-litigation negotiations to trial (and, sometimes, appeals).  Given the nature and 

demands of our litigation practice, this position requires that you have a basic proficiency 

with civil litigation, be detail-oriented, hard working, ethical, honest, cooperative and 

have a good sense of humor.  Whether you are introverted or extroverted, if you exude 

energy and enthusiasm for what you do, have a fierce passion for learning and are 

powered by a definiteness of purpose, our law firm and this position will be the perfect fit 

for you.

Duties and Skills

A typical day in the life of a member of our litigation team includes phone conferences 

and email correspondence with opposing counsel, courts and/or clients; appearing for 

court conferences and hearings; drafting letters; preparing and responding to discovery 

demands; preparing and responding to motions; legal research; and team meetings to 

review and mange case load.  


We want you to be part of our team and not just an employee.  If you are interested, 

please email your resume in PDF format and a cover letter that (a) explains why you are 

the perfect fit for our litigation team and (b) states your salary requirements to  Please do not call or fax our office.  We look 

forward to hearing from you!